Presentation: Where did management put my transformation?
Date & Time
Friday, November 18, 2022, 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM
Edin Mustajbegovic

Words like unprecedented, disruption, and transformation seem almost like part of every meeting we attend. But what does it take to dance with disruption, transform digitally, or run a business during unprecedented times? 


Better data? More data? More software? New skills? All of the above? 

Maybe blockchain is what we need? What about AI? 

Well, the boom was over 20 years ago. As consumers, we are truly digital. Addicted to TikTok, pissed off by Twitter, embarrassed by LinkedIn. iPhone vs Android, Mac vs Windows. SAP is everywhere. Wikipedia is amazing. 


What more do we want? 


We seem to be digital through and through, yet none of us can say mining is doing digital well.  

The reason for this discrepancy, between our very digital lives and the lack of results in our businesses, is management. Mining, probably more than any other industry, is managed using principles established decades ago. 

We need new management.