Full Name
Katie Hulmes
Job Title
Head of Think & Act Differently
OZ Minerals
Speaker Bio
Katie proudly represents a more than 20-year Engineering and Mining Career with diverse roles as a Field Engineer, Environmental Scientist, Exploration Hydrogeologist, Approvals Manager, Scoping Study Manager, Group Environmental Lead, Project Engineer, Head of Technical Services, and her current role as Head of Think & Act Differently.
Katie’s technical skills were gained as a graduate of the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Geophysics and a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Environmental and her passion and drive stems from a curiosity and deep belief that the industry can create multi-generational change with a positive impact on our regional communities and our environment.
In 2018, Katie was awarded South Australia’s Inaugural 40 Under 40 Young Entrepreneurs Award for her contribution to the Minerals Sector and continues to charter new paths for the industry and her peers. She has shown that through partnerships and transparency you find opportunity. Katie can proudly point to initiatives that have emerged under her leadership with value created in community groups, with traditional owners, conservation organisations, research bodies, technology companies and start-ups. Importantly she takes time and commitment to continually develop both herself and her team fostering a belonging culture where people are self-empowered to thrive and grow through their work.
Katie continues to advocate for shared value and for cross sector collaboration and is currently fulfilling voluntary positions as a member of a number of advisory boards across both the Mining and Space sectors
Katie Hulmes