Full Name
Ash Richter
Job Title
Principal, Innovation
Speaker Bio
Ash is an engineer, tech anthropologist, and former archaeologist and venture capitalist.

Prior to joining BHP, Ash was a senior technology strategist with In-Q-Tel, the venture group supporting the CIA, FBI, NSA and other US intelligence agencies and defense groups as well as their partners in the UK and Australia. Her work on mass digitization, the construction of multi-modal data systems, the security of critical infrastructure, and long term innovation strategy for technology R&D investment in start-ups and academia has led her all over the world: from her initial work as an archaeologist digitizing remote archaeological and archaeometallurgical landscapes and building new diagnostic imaging systems in the Middle East; to projects in Europe for assorted Vatican groups and universities digitizing popular cultural heritage and tourism sites; to her work in the US, Australia+ -working with governments and high industry to digitize and automate secure government facilities; through to her recent work investing government and industry money in emerging technologies, strategizing on cultural and geopolitical shifts created by emerging technologies, and the development of related technology policy.
Ash Richter