Full Name
Mahmood Hussein
Job Title
CEO - Founder
Global Drone Solutions
Speaker Bio
Mahmood Hussein, Founder and CEO of Global Drone Solutions, is an award-winning trailblazer in the tech sector. Recognised as the "2022 Pearcey Entrepreneur of the Year", Mahmood's visionary leadership has steered Global Drone Solutions to win the prestigious title of "2023 Tech Company of the Year". With a rich history as a Senior Vice President and General Manager for leading multinationals in mining and power generation, Mahmood founded Global Drone Solutions in 2016, rapidly transforming it into a beacon of excellence in the drone training arena.
Passionately dedicated to leveraging drone technology, Global Drone Solutions not only addresses societal and business challenges but also unveils novel business avenues. Their bespoke drone training and consultancy services cater to a diverse range of industries, helping organisations reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, minimise risks, and enhance safety.
Mahmood Hussein