Full Name
Daniel Cowen
Job Title
Digital Innovation Specialist
Roy Hill
Speaker Bio
Daniel Cowen is a passionate technologist who has been programming and experimenting with computers since he was six years old. He is born and bred in Western Australia but spent several years over East where he graduated from the

University of Melbourne with dual degrees in Computer Engineering and Law. His career since has been focused on innovative technology with stints in Technology Strategy Consulting with Accenture, Computer Science Research at UWA, as the Lead Developer for a WA-based internet service provider and more recently as a Digital Innovation Specialist for Roy Hill with a focus on building our internal LLM capabilities. He also spent several months building an 8-bit computer out of 74-series logic chips; and a Raspberry Pi-based mobile phone prototype; both of which which he counts as some of his most enjoyable and interesting technology-based projects.
Daniel Cowen