Full Name
Catherine Bell
Job Title
Partner, ESG & Climate Services
Speaker Bio
Catherine is a sustainability professional with decades of professional services experience in economics, research, and finance. Catherine has had a global career working and advising C-level executives from medium to large global organisations on growing business in Asia, navigating digital transformation and more recently educating and innovating ways in which companies activate sustainability in their businesses.
Catherine has spent 15 years working abroad holding government positions in Denmark, Sweden and Thailand, and corporate positions in Thailand, Singapore and Australia.
Catherine supports RSM clients to activate and improve on their sustainability program and strategy, advises on ESG technology and tools, industry best practices, regulation and learning and development. She is a regular speaker and commentator on sustainability issues and trends and works alongside several Australian / Africa mining companies helping them understand and develop a robust approach to sustainability management and reporting.
Catherine leads the ESG & Climate Services practice for RSM in Western Australia. She holds a Master of Arts in Asian Societies and a Bachelor of Applied Economics.
Catherine Bell