Strategic Insight: Revolutionising Process Control: Harnessing Physics-Informed Artificial Intelligence Models for Enhanced Profitability, Robustness, and Sustainability in the Mining Industry
Date & Time
Tuesday, August 29, 2023, 11:50 AM - 12:20 PM
Konstantin Kiselev

We are now witnessing a tremendous surge in AI technology, particularly in the realms of language models such as ChatGPT. As AI-powered copilot systems increasingly enter our lives in software development and as chatbots, an even larger revolution is on its way: 
•    Discovering AI-powered control of dynamic systems. This will change the way we control complex production processes dramatically
•    Exploring the next-generation process control system, utilising physics-informed models, generative transformers, and other cutting-edge AI methods developed over the past few years
•    Understanding how this enables faster deployment, cheaper maintenance, greater robustness, and maximum productivity
•    Best practices and lessons learned from the AI process control system that is already deployed within more than 10 factories and is helping our clients to generate $120 mn in profits annually