Full Name
Erika Ingvald
Job Title
Head of Division
Geological Survey of Sweden
Speaker Bio
I have a background as a geologist, science and innovation journalist, speech writer and press officer.
Since 2015 I'm head of division, Mineral Information & Mining Industry, SGU. The division is
- working commissions in Africa focusing on Mining & the Environment, befors PanAfGeo (financed by the EU Commission) and now ITP (financed by SIDA),
- running the Mineral Information Office in Malå
- collecting and presenting statistics on mining and exploration in Sweden, mineral market analyses
- administrating Areas of National Interest for metals and minerals
- doing government commissions concerning mining, such as mapping Swedens potential to extract raw materials for environmental and tech innovations, a strategy for mine waste, guidance to UNFC, developing the Malå office, SGUs contribution to Politics for Global Development etc. Now on to secondary resources w the EPA and the battery value chain w EPA & the Swedish Energy Agency.

As a journalist with a background as a researcher in geology I covered the field of science and technology (especially materials sciences and IT) from every possible angle for ten years, for Sweden's top tech news media.
During this period I was commissioned as speech writer for the CEO of the Royal Swedish Acadmy of Engineering Sciences during six years. I also founded the Geology Day in Sweden and co-authored a couple of books.

I became a civil servant in 2007, working as a communications and press officer at the Geological Survey of Sweden. As such I've, among other things, lead the development of SGUs first mobile apps, GeoTreat and GeoKartan and developed and managed the first over all national geology conference in Sweden ever, GeoArena (Oct 16-17 2012), and repeated it in 2014.
Erika Ingvald