Full Name
Charles Nyabeze
Job Title
Network Director - MICA | Vice President, Business Development - CEMI
Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) | Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI)
Speaker Bio
Chamirai Charles Nyabeze, a holder of a bachelor's degree in mining engineering and an MBA, is not only a dedicated professional but also a passionate advocate for the mining industry. He firmly believes that innovation is the key to unlocking the full potential of the mining sector and its pivotal role in meeting the world's increasing demand for resources. In his dual role within the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI), serving as the VP of Business Development and the Network Director of the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) Network, Chamirai channels this passion into driving innovation and sustainable growth in mining.
Charles Nyabeze