Full Name
Lorelei Ratushniak
Job Title
Founder, CEO
EOD Incorporated
Speaker Bio
Lorelei's background is in executive business development, strategic partnership engagement, and innovation strategy consulting. She has worked as an regional and international business development manager for engineering companies, mining supply companies, and tier one transportation solution companies, with responsibilities ranging from: identifying cross industry opportunities, launching new products and services, increasing market share in targeted regions, and developing critical value propositions to secure long-term intrinsic partnerships.

She is an alumni of experiential learning programs such as: “How To Change the World Canada 2020” an engineering and sustainability program organized in partnership with the Canadian and Ontario Society of Professional, focusing on solutioning for international sustainability challenges leveraging the UN’s SDG framework. She is a founding member of The Artemis Project; an initiative connecting women entrepreneurs to mining companies to achieve sustainable and responsible mining through the UN SDG goals. She also serves on the CIM’s Underground Mining Society Board as Treasurer.

Lorelei is passionate about facilitating innovation partnerships and educating mine end users, and nontraditional mine stakeholders, on the vital role that mining plays in our daily lives pertaining to economic growth and achieving a low carbon economy.
Lorelei Ratushniak