Full Name
Justin Stade
Job Title
Director, NPK Digital Transformation
Speaker Bio
Justin Stade is the Director of NPK Digital Transformation as Nutrien where he is accountable for collaboratively defining, delivering, and proving value of transformative digital solutions for Nutrien's wholesale operations - Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potash (K) across North America.

Digital Transformation can mean a lot of things. Justin's team focuses on applying digital solutions with measurable impacts to support our goals of safe, reliable production as Nutrien strives to feed the future. Areas of focus include providing ubiquitous wireless coverage (primarily through P-LTE) at our sites, Enabling the Connected Worker with a focus on the right information at the right time to the right person, Digitization of metrics and processes to increase the speed and quality of information and the decisions they help to make, and finally his team is reasonable for delivering Converged Technology solutions where, in partnership with many groups, we deliver solutions that blend the line between IT and OT to help improve our operations through fields like Computer Vision, geospatial analysis, and robotics.
Justin Stade