Full Name
Tina Darakjian
Job Title
Geological Engineer
Women in Open Pit Mining
Speaker Bio
Tina Darakjian is a Senior Geological Engineer and Team Manager of the Mine Stability West Group in WSP's Greater Vancouver office with over ten years of experience in geotechnical engineering in both open pit and underground mining projects. She is a member of WSP’s VIBE (Visibility in the Built Environment) which is a network of LGBTQ2+ individuals and their allies developing and promoting an environment to enable LGBTQ2+ staff at WSP to reach their full potential, feel safe, confident, respected, and valued. Tina’s technical experience includes geotechnical rock mass characterization, on-site geotechnical support for mining operations, geotechnical data collection, hydrogeological investigations and instrumentation installation, pit slope and waste rock dump inspections, and geotechnical analyses and design for open pit and underground mining projects using numerical, analytical, and empirical methods.
Tina Darakjian