Full Name
Peggy Bell
Job Title
Chief Growth Officer
The Femina Collective
Speaker Bio
With a proven track record spanning over 20 years, Peggy Bell has emerged as a dynamic force in the mining industry, notably in marketing, business development, and innovation. As the Founder of Resource Becoming, she has catalyzed strategic growth and redefined the mining sector's approach to talent attraction. Her tenure at esteemed organizations like SGS SA and AECOM Canada has sharpened her expertise in driving systemic industry changes, which is essential for enduring success.

Peggy's role has evolved significantly, encompassing global leadership responsibilities. She excels in orchestrating business growth strategies and adeptly crafting and implementing comprehensive go-to-market plans. Her acumen in navigating market fluctuations and securing pivotal development funds at the board level has been instrumental in her organization’s successes. Known for her strategic planning, financial acumen, and exceptional team leadership, Peggy's contributions have been pivotal in steering her organizations toward significant growth and influence.
Her expertise isn’t confined to business development and sales. In her senior roles at SGS SA and AECOM Canada LTD, she has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to lead diverse teams, achieve key performance indicators, and manage business operations, always with a sharp eye on global market trends.

As a respected industry voice, Peggy's insights have enlightened many at prestigious events like SME Minexchange, Resourcing Tomorrow, and TEDx AveLorne. Her presentations delve into innovative organizational strategies, sustainability, and adapting to market shifts.

Beyond her professional scope, Peggy's commitment to the mining sector's future is evident in her volunteer work. Her participation in steering committees and boards, such as FemSTEAM Peterborough, underscores her dedication to the broader mining community.

Peggy brings a wealth of experience in leading high-growth companies. Her leadership is marked by strategic marketing, innovation, and team inspiration. She is adept at converting corporate objectives into impactful marketing strategies and fostering a marketing team culture that emphasizes clear roles, career development, and employee success. Her oversight extends to thought leadership and communication programs, ensuring the marketing function scales effectively through robust collaboration with Sales, Operations, Strategy, and Service leadership teams.
Peggy Bell