Full Name
Freddie Huyser
Job Title
Senior Manager Mining Engineer
Anglo America Platinum
Speaker Bio
Freddie Huyser is a highly skilled and experienced professional in mine surveying, mineral resource management, and project management. He has a diverse educational background, including a National Diploma in Mine Surveying and a High National Diploma in Mineral Resource Management from the University of Johannesburg. Freddie also holds a Mine Surveyor’s Certificate of Competency from the Department of Mineral & Energy Affairs and completed his MBA in 2005. He has further enhanced his expertise through various training courses and has proficiency in a range of mine technical software and tools essential to his field.

Freddie’s professional activities extend beyond his role as a mine surveyor. He has served as an examiner for the Chamber of Mine and is a member of the Institute for Mine Surveyors, demonstrating his commitment to professional development and staying connected with his industry community.

In terms of personal attributes, Freddie is known for his calm and collected demeanor. He possesses a highly controlling and independent mindset, which allows him to think critically and strategically. He values cooperation and believes in maintaining participative relationships. With an emotionally controlled disposition, Freddie is able to remain focused and driven, always striving for excellence in his career. He excels in problem-solving, particularly when faced with numerical and process-related difficulties.

Freddie’s managerial qualities lie in planning, organization, and quality orientation. He is adept at evaluating technical developments and enjoys working with numerical data. He sets demanding long-term goals for himself and is known for his ambition and career-centered mindset. He values cooperation over competition and makes rational and strategic decisions.
Freddie Huyser