How to unearth the gold of machine learning in mining in 2022.
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 10:30 AM
Coert du Plessis

The incredible benefits of Machine Learning and modern MLOps across a plethora of non-mining industries are already evident. However, astute mining industry leaders and investors want an accelerated pathway to tangibly harness these benefits to best utilise their data, in turn achieving optimal performance at their mining operations.


With new unprecedented precision in measurement and large-scale data collection possible today, Mining Leaders want to move beyond stale PoCs to data impact at scale.


In this energetic presentation, Coert will cover;

  • The state of ML across the mining value chain, focusing on critical areas to outline how miners can uncover the gold hidden in the mountain of data.

How to navigate the operational uncertainty that starts in-ground and permeates the mining value chain to the customer, which requires a vastly different approach to ML than most other industries where their inputs are stable and known.