Innovation in Mining-Role of Data, AI, Data Science and Platforms: Lessons from Hydrocarbon industry for Collaborative Success

Exploration success is related to our ability to accurately predict the nature of the subsurface. The general decrease in ore grade and size in many new major economic mineral deposits, found at surface, will increasingly drive mineral exploration towards the subsurface. The hydrocarbon sector has, for decades, been doing this successfully by harnessing the predictive power of an integrated temporal and spatial framework. In this talk, I will discuss

  • How a data constrained scalable 4D model of the Earth that integrates an understanding of different geological processes to allow informed prediction?
  • Role of emerging technology solutions based on AI, Data Science significantly increase the accuracy of such models enabling path to ‘digital twins’
  • Furthermore, a roadmap for holistic mineral systems for identification of potential districts for exploration, can be achieved, from the lessons of hydrocarbon industry.