Full Name
Alex Jenkins
Job Title
WA Data Science Innovation Hub
Speaker Bio
Alex Jenkins, a seasoned technology expert and current Director of the WA Data Science Innovation Hub (WADSIH) at Curtin University, boasts over 15 years of experience in advancing data science and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Alex has collaborated with prominent organisations to develop cutting-edge big data implementations, supply chain modelling solutions and data science strategies. As part of his current role at Curtin University, Alex regularly speaks to the media about how AI works, the safety and ethical implications of AI, and how the workforce will change with AI technology. Alex is particularly focussed on how AI will impact education and the health care areas and spoke in 2023 at TEDxPerth on the topic “An (AI) Tutor for Every Child”.

A fervent proponent of fostering strong partnerships among the education sector, government, and industry, Alex is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of STEM professionals and propelling Australia's tech workforce forward. In earlier roles, Alex has worked as a data science manager, a solution lead on BHP’s data science platform, and prior to this worked on many applications of data and analytics in the mining and engineering areas, as well as consulting in the health services domain.
Alex Jenkins