Full Name
Sanabel Abu Jwade
Job Title
Graduate Software Engineer
Rio Tinto
Speaker Bio
As a passionate software engineer, Sanabel Abu Jwade has been expanding what's possible with technology and machine learning for a variety of industries including mining, oil and gas and agriculture. She completed her masters in software engineering from UWA where she worked on a range of machine learning and AI projects. For her thesis, she worked on utilising Deep learning and computer vision for agricultural automation. For which, she was awarded a business innovation awards by DPIRD and published a paper in an elite journal. She also worked on PoC for utilising computer vision in underground mines. She has won multiple awards in hackathons including Agricultural hackathon, NASA Space App challenge, Transport Hack and OMAC Covid-19 Hack. She currently works as a graduate software engineer at Rio Tinto.
Sanabel Abu Jwade