Full Name
Dr. Masoud S Shishvan
Job Title
Assistant Professor
Delft University of Technology
Speaker Bio
I am a mining engineer with a deep affection for applied mathematics. My main research interest lies in the confluence of AI, IoT, digital twins and process optimization applied to various problems in connected smart future mining. Since May 2019, as assistant professor of Resource Engineering, I am particularly active in applied research focusing on computer science and geoscience disciplines, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), the internet of things (IoT), applied operations research, digital twin and modelling. My vision has always been to diffuse digital and innovative technologies into the industry. I am currently leading a team of two PhD and several BSc and MSc students. Together with my team, we develop an IoT platform as a base to embed my AI-related research activities, such as (i) the development of different ML models for material fingerprinting, (ii) the use of digital twin for generating synthetic IoT data, and also for visualization of IoT devices (iii) development of optimized data management tools and strategies (iv) optimization of different mining processes and (v) improving the safety of underground environment with intelligent evacuation systems.
Dr. Masoud S Shishvan