Technology Innovators
Date & Time
Tuesday, May 7, 2024, 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
Nicolas Lategan Anna Lemekoana Sean Miller

This session highlights technology innovators and their current projects. Each presentation is 10 min. 

1)  Additional revenue and savings through digital ore tracking
•    Benefits of a digital ore identity
•    Benefits of a digital ore trail
•    Optimize ore grade control
•    Real-time auditable verification of ore quality
Speaker: Nicolas Lategan, CEO, Simera-Trace

2)  Telling Data Stories and Harnessing Its Power
•    Integrating the technological and digital shift in the industry through access to data
•    Transforming the embedded information into knowledge 
•    Understanding how this can benefit stakeholders at different levels
•    Looking at decision making at operational, managerial, and executive level through data
Speaker: Anna Lemekoana, Chief Executive Officer, Kgatontle Technical Services

3)    High Speed, Low latency and Massive Payload Digital Underground Networks Designed for Harsh Environments

Nlt Digital Increases Productivity while keeping people safe
•    Challenges facing underground workers
•    How nlt Digital addresses these challenges
•    The benefits from the perspective of the mine manager, safety, and operations

Speaker: Sean Miller, Managing Director, Hydropro