Workshop – March 23

Digital twins for the future of the mining industry

Available in Spanish only

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About the Workshop

This workshop will unravel what digital twins are and their added value to the mining industry today and in the future. It will explain how it works, application areas, and give practical examples.  
The workshop will be held in Spanish.

About the workshop leader

Enrique Jélvez, Researcher at the (Advanced Mining Technology Center) will lead this workshop. 

About the AMTC

This workshop is held by the AMTC (Advanced Mining Technology Center).  
The AMTC was created in March 2009 after being selected by Conicyt's Associative Research Program within the framework of the Basal Financing Program for scientific and technological centers of excellence. It is part of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Chile, as a Faculty Center. 
Its scientific work is divided into five research groups: Exploration and Modelling; Mine Design and Planning; Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy; Automation in Mining, and Water and Environmental Sustainability. These groups bring together more than 170 researchers, including academics and graduate students. 
During its history, the AMTC has carried out successful scientific research projects that have resulted in prototypes, software, and collaborative relationships with various mining companies. It has also established important cooperation agreements and joint research initiatives with government entities and world-class scientific and technological centers.  

08:30        Registration and Morning coffee

09:00        Workshop part I - Accelerating the Introduction of Digital Twin-Based Technology in Mining Operations


  • Jaime Rebolledo, NTT Data.
  • Carlo Toro, NTT Data.
  • Enrique Jélvez, AMTC. Universidad de Chile

10:30        Coffee Break

11:00        Workshop part II - CODELCO - Challenges in the Digital Transformation of the Mining Industry                    

Since 1998, a digitization process has been implemented by Codelco, to apply technologies to mining processes that make them more efficient, productive, and safe. From that moment on, two milestones have accelerated this process: (i) In 2019 the VTAP (Vice Presidency of Technology and Automation in Business Processes) was created as the main lever on the transformation path that Codelco began, and (ii) With the advent of the pandemic in 2020, this process ended up being adopted at all levels. Despite the multiple efforts implemented, the challenges to add value to operations are increasing - deeper deposits, decreasing grades, greater safety for people, relations with communities, and environmental protection. 

Based on the above, Codelco defined the “Development Roadmap” as a strategy to address these multiple challenges through automation and robotics, the use of augmented/virtual reality, the development of digital twins of operations, simulators for training and prediction of key parameters, among others. All of this is possible only thanks to the exponential advances in recent years in Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. 

In this master class, the speakers will present Codelco's vision on how digital transformation can add value throughout the mining value chain, presenting case study examples implemented in its different divisions, the challenges they have faced and how this experience has been learned. It will also provide guidelines on how to approach the challenging mining of the future.


  • Norma Vargas, Directora Corporativa Arquitectura Tecnológica, CODELCO
  • Paul Vallejos, Director Corporativo Automatización en Procesos Mina Rajo, CODELCO
  • Rafael Guzmán, Director Corporativo Automatización en Procesos Mina Subterránea, CODELCO

12:30        End of Workshop