Integrating Digital Assets with Scope I, II, III & IV
Post-Conference Workshop June 9

Workshop Leader: Dave Gajadhar, Advisor, ResultantGroup | Cost: CA$495

This workshop allows participants to plan, action, and implement diversification efforts with future-state strategies and will be able to describe their “new role” with changing and emerging business models that impact diversification efforts. You will also be able to describe potential business process opportunities and enable operational developments with integrated and emerging industrial, digital and mobile technologies. 

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to align your organization's needs and business processes for diversification and compliance. 
Understand the role of Quality Data at Source (QDaS) and how integrating relevant technologies (current, legacy, and emerging) will enable and support diversification and compliance.  

The workshop focusses on assisting delegates in understanding how to close the gaps of digital transition and integration of digital assets for scope 1, 2, 3, and 4 data transparency, collection, analysis and reporting. 

As defined by the GHG Protocol, we need to define emission sources, improve transparency, and guide for different types of companies and different types of climate policies and business goals, four scopes (Scope 1, Scope 2, Scope 3, and Scope 4) accounting and reporting purposes. 

08:00        Registration and Morning Coffee

09:00        Workshop part I
Identifying organization operational blueprints and infrastructure eco-systems of source data for access, supply chain logistic, operations, field assets management, fuel management, carbo offsets, waste management, etc. 

Address user concerns: 
•    Data access, inconsistency, subjective and inconsistent regulatory compliance needs by jurisdiction, trust, usability in near real time on any device across dependent organizations. 
•    Integrating people, process and assets for scope 1 to 4.
•    Driving continuous improvement, innovation and agility for ESG reporting by fully leveraging the insights and skills of your entire organisation 

10:30        Morning Coffee

11:00        Workshop part II

Building reporting agility to enhance data quality and timeliness for assurance ready disclosure 

•    Embracing digitalization, edge-based analytics and Blockchain solutions to translate operational data into measurable carbon metrics 
•    Leveraging technology to simplify and prioritize Emissions Data Reporting Capability across your value chain / ESG Roadmap 
•    Integrating and tracking compliance and sustainability data, artifacts and reports to meet the existing standards and regulation

Leveraging people, process, asset and automation to enable scope 1,2,3 and 4 decarbonization and ESG reporting.

12:30        End of Post-Conference Workshop