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Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 12:10 PM
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EXOR Oceania specialises in industrial automation interface solutions. As technical sales, consultation & support office, we are a provider of industry leading HMI, Gateways, Embedded PLC`s, Intelligent Interfaces, and CLOUD solutions for remote monitoring/servicing and analytics. Part of the EXOR International group (Italy), and responsible for Oceania and South East Asia, we offer technical support and professional services in a highly dynamic industry. We back our solution 100% throughout the region and take care of each case locally, backed by our European Head Quarters in the event of any unique requirements which demand further assistance. EXOR Oceania was founded in 2010 by Managing Director Carlo Sportiello, a professional individual with a history on the global automation stage. Exor Oceania has continued to grow in strength, with a solid B2B customer base and track record solutions in some of the harshest environments across industrial verticals such as; • Resources – Mining (Surface and Underground, fixed and mobile assets), Oil & Gas • Utilities – Power & Water • Renewables – Wind and Solar • Factory – Robotics, AGV, Machinery • Process – Water Monitoring, Boilers, Steam, Skid/Fixed Instrumentation • Marine – Ships, Platforms, Water Quality • Building – Hospitals, Prisons, Schools, Data Centres With Head Office minutes from Perth`s CBD in Western Australia, Exor Oceania is set to service this dynamic region, currently boasting on innovation and technology.
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