The region's leading event dedicated to Robotics and Automation for the mining sector

The Robotics and Automation in Mining conference is where the key players will gather to discuss the pressing issues and challenges facing robotics and automation and to hear from industry leaders on their latest applications, particularly in underground mining. The event will enable stakeholders to undertake a significant digital review of their business and identify areas in which automation and robotics will add most value.

Business as usual is no longer acceptable in the mining industry, and to stay afloat traditional businesses need radical changes. The value derived from the application of digital technologies and digitisation are so profound, and early adopters are already seeing the benefits of using automation.

Technology has rapidly advanced to enable a 'connected mine’ however this requires a change of industry culture and mindset, a step away from the siloed technology discovery model, deeper operational expertise aligned with technological capabilities, and ultimately reimagined business models.

The Robotics and Automation in Mining conference is your best opportunity to meet, network with and learn from Australia’s most innovative and exciting technology leaders, applying their ideas and skills to improving the mining industries productivity, profitability, environment standards and safety.

As we come out of COVID restrictions, mining and technology executives are keen to recommence meeting, starting/continuing dialogues, and re-establishing important contacts – this conference is the perfect opportunity.