Full Name
Lachlan McMahon
Job Title
Founder and Director
Speaker Bio
Lachlan brings years of experience in the planning and delivery of complex Communication and Information Systems (CIS) solutions within diverse, highly dynamic environments and has over 20 years experience in the telecommunications systems industry, both within government and private sectors globally. Since departing from the Australian Defence Force in 2010, Lachlan transitioned to a technical role with in a top tier mining company in Perth. In 2012, he established a private company FTP (Forces Transitioning Personnel), which aided in the successful transitioning of defence personnel into the civilian sector. Shortly after FTP was established, the company developed a software solution called IMS, which aimed to assist mine sites in planning effective wireless networks and deal with time sensitive Operational Data. Today IMS is a vital tool for mine sites transitioning from manned to autonomous operations and as well as gathering and visualising data from a variety of typical assets on a mine site. IMS is one of the few tools which is truly vendor agnostic and can integrate with virtually any asset that polls data. FTP has become a trusted company with many mine sites across the globe and is currently expanding into agriculture and marine industries.
Lachlan McMahon