Full Name
Sam Forbes
Job Title
The Australian Space, Automation, AI and Robotics Control complex (SpAARC)
Speaker Bio
From deep sea to space, Samuel Forbes has spent 15 years overcoming the challenges of operating in remote and harsh environments. Sam is leading the advancement and roll out of a Fugro’s Remote Operations diversification and Space Technology strategy in Australia. In his most recent role, Samuel is the director of The Australian Space, Automation, AI and Robotics Control complex (SpAARC), a Fugro development co-funded by the Australian Space Agency – an inter-agency project that is powering the future of Australian and international space exploration and remote operations.

As a non-Executive Director of Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE), Samuel’s networks and experience extends across multiple sectors both nationally and internationally. His experience in corporate development and strategy includes; technology driven organisational transformation, digital projects and product innovation, and a deep engagement among startup communities for strategic partnership and investment opportunities.

Prior to this role, Samuel was the General Manager of Fugro’s APAC Remote Systems Technology division.
Sam Forbes