Full Name
Dr. Glenn Callow
Job Title
Manager – Mine Automation Development, Automation Centre of Excellence
Rio Tinto
Speaker Bio
Glenn graduated in the UK with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of York and subsequently an Engineering Doctorate with Loughborough University. Glenn’s doctoral thesis was focused on novel techniques to improve the Systems Engineering of Increasingly Autonomous Systems.

Whilst in the UK, Glenn began his career in the defence sector with BAE Systems at their Advanced Technology Centre. He worked there for 14 years and was ultimately Technology Lead for Intelligent Autonomous Systems and Advanced Information Processing. In this role Glenn and his team developed numerous novel robotic and data processing systems for defence customers. This included the UKs current generation bomb disposal robot, autonomous mules for supporting dismounted troops and decentralised technologies for improved tracking and situational awareness in the digital battlespace.

Glenn joined Rio Tinto in 2012 and has been involved with a significant number of Rio TInto’s technology developments during this time. This includes the first fully operational deployment of Autonomous Haulage, and subsequently scale out, as well as supporting autonomous drills and autonomous rail developments and deployments. Most recently he’s led the efforts in Rio Tinto, in partnership with CAT, to develop and deploy the world’s first Autonomous Water Truck at the new Gudai-darri mine.

Glenn is currently the Manager for Mine Automation Development at Rio Tinto and the focus of his work over the last few years have primarily focused on the development and deployment of the Rio Tinto Mine Automation System or MAS. This platform, now widely deployed across the company, provides a platform for the research, development and deployment of decision automation technologies that enable a broader integrated, automated mining value chain.
Glenn Callow