Full Name
Dr. Benjamin Kaebe
Job Title
Executive Director
Space Industries
Speaker Bio
Dr Kaebe achieved a Bachelor and a Masters of Engineering Science from the Technische Universität, Berlin, and has been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering from UNSW Canberra @ ADFA. Dr Kaebe has vast experience in the transfer of technologies and worked in a wide field of engineering professions, such as medical, maintenance, Artificial Intelligence, and space. His expertise in research and development has been recognized in a number of patents, publications and a strong network within the space and defense industries.
After achieving his PhD Dr Kaebe worked as Research Associate at UWA, as Data Scientist at FMG mainly working at FMG’s hydrogen project and as the Technical Interface Manager for the Space Automation Artificial Intelligence Robotic Control Complex (SpAARC) project at Fugro. Dr Kaebe always had a passion for space, which he easily emits in his promotions of space in various events and conversations.
Dr Kaebe’s expertise will help to progress rapidly with our Lunar Rover Extraction Vehicle (LREV) mission, which will support NASA’s Artemis mission.
Benjamin Kaebe