May 31 Post-Conference Workshop
Mining 5.0 with Sustainability by Leveraging Artificial
Intelligence and Digital Transformation

Workshop Leader: Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Managing Director, Reignite Future

Digital Transformation (DT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting all industries in a significant manner. There are efforts to mature the journey of DT in the mining industry as well. There are many attempts to leverage algorithms of AI for various phases through the lifecycle of mining processes.  However, the pace of adoption of AI and DT lags behind other complex industries and its paramount that we accelerate towards Mining 5.0 with sustainability, by leveraging AI, DT and other Industry 5.0 emerging technologies. 

In Mining 5.0 one needs to address environment challenges, from emission tracking, monitoring and reporting, for faster and better decision making for sustainability and compliance. Emissions typically refer to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

One of the objectives of this workshop is to provide a comprehensive understanding of how AI can help transform emission management, with greater efficiency and accuracy for better sustainability and greater compliance.  The workshop will discuss briefly the opportunities, challenges, and path forward in leveraging AI for emissions management. While there are a number of emission sources, in this workshop we will focus on some relevant examples from carbon capture, industrial supply chain, and mining and energy fields. The workshop will enhance the theoretical knowledge of the key elements for emission management and the changes introduced from 2006 to 2023. Through case studies and practical examples, the workshop participants will gain insights and skills to understand how to leverage AI driven solutions. One of the most common challenges in implementing AI relates to the ethics and governance of AI solutions, and in the workshop the best practices related to these ethical considerations. 

What will you learn?

  • Greater understanding of data sources, accessibility, governance and reporting requirements for emission tracking, regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Overview of AI technologies and applications that provide opportunities, solutions to impact multiple areas of sustainability.
  • The range of benefits that can be achieved with AI-enabled strategies, and reasons why AI will continue to play a bigger role
  • An understanding of various AI solutions and DT approaches for emissions tracking and reporting, optimizing workflows and impact the data accuracy and reliability
  • Understanding of best practices through a series of case studies and interactive discussion
  • Better understanding to address ethical and governance topics 

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is suitable for a diverse audience, including:

  • Environmental and Sustainability Managers
  • C-suite executives: CEOs, CSOs, and other executives in the oil and gas / energy / transport / manufacturing, supply chain and other related sectors
  • Technology Providers | Consultants | Data Scientists and Analysts | AI exports
  • Emission Tracking and Reporting Specialists, Regulatory Compliance Officers
  • Anyone interested in the intersection of AI and environmental sustainability 

Workshop Program:

0830      Registration and Morning coffee

0900      Workshop Part I - Emissions and Sustainability Overview
•    The evolution of technical guidelines and requirements
•    The need for emissions management
•    What is important for which industry and how to address
•    Industry’s dilemma in taming these challenges

0940    Workshop Part II -In-Depth Understanding of AI ecosystems and DT approaches
•    AI as the re-defining force for the industrial sector
•    The technologies, tools and talent for AI enabled solutions
•    Strategies and Value from DT and AI
•    Ethics and governance – the role, the need and the approach

1110      Morning Break

1130      Workshop Part III - AI enabled emissions management
•    Going beyond dashboards for emission factors
•    Review of AI solutions for emissions management
•    Case Study: Transportation / Supply Chain emission reduction
•    Emerging trends of AI solutions – Interactive discussion

1230      Networking Lunch

1330      Workshop Part IV - The Burning Questions
•    Case Study: Carbon Confusion (Tracking, Storage, Accounting)
•    The Ethics, Security, and Governance
•    The Leadership readiness and the workforce transformation
•    Best practices and their evolution

1500    Wrap up and Survey

1515      End of Workshop