October 12, 2021

Venue: Embassy Suites Denver Downtown Convention Center
1420 Stout St, Denver, CO 80202



Breakfast Schedule

7:00am – Registration and Networking
7:30am – Breakfast/Presentations/Q&A

9:00am – Technology Showcase
10:00am – End of Technology Showcase


Jay Shears
Market / Business Development Manager

Daniel Fuller
Technical Business Development Manager

Enabling the Digital Mine of the Future through autonomous technology

Data capture in the mining industry has been exponentially evolving over the last 10 years. We are capturing data at an increased resolution and accuracy. Rich information can be at ever-shorter intervals of time, enabling live modelling and dynamic planning that is continuously adapting to achieve business objectives. Automating the process to capture spatial data not only reduces the risk and workload for personnel, it also enables increased consistency, speed, and frequency. 
This presentation will provide insight into how autonomous data capture technology could fundamentally change the way mines are planned and operated - imagining a digital mine of the future that could be fully mapped in a day and monitored in real-time. 

Andrew Petruska
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics
Colorado School of Mines

Augmented Reality for Search and Rescue in the Underground: Challenges and Opportunities

The M3Robotics lab has been working toward integrating Robotic simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) capabilities with augmented reality display to enable users to “see” with RaDAR in obscured environments. This talk will address advances and the remaining challenges to be addressed. 

Priscilla Nelson
Colorado School of Mines


Automation and Robotics for Mining Applications


Professor Nelson will address the most promising automation and robotics applications for the mining sector, including geology and exploration, ground characterization and response, excavation, productivity, worker health and safety, hazards detection and avoidance, disaster response, communications, sensing and data management, water and tailings management and subsea/space/asteroid mining.